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Yggdrasil can be downloaded for major platforms from our GitHub Releases page. Additionally, installation guides are available for the following platforms/distributions.

Once you have installed Yggdrasil, take a look at:


Yggdrasil is well supported on Linux. There are a number of distribution packages and additional installation instructions available:


Yggdrasil is well supported on macOS. The preferred installation method is the .pkg installer:


Yggdrasil works on Windows and an MSI installer is available, but the installer is supported on a best-effort basis only and is not well tested.


Yggdrasil is well supported on FreeBSD and an official net/yggdrasil port is available.

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

Yggdrasil is well supported on EdgeOS 2.x and packages are available.


An Yggdrasil port to Android has been contributed by the community.


Yggdrasil is supported on iOS but no binary builds exist at this time. You will need an Apple Developer subscription, access to the Network Extensions entitlements and to build the app from source.