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Yggdrasil can be downloaded for major platforms from our GitHub Releases page. Additionally, installation guides are available for the following platforms/distributions.

Once you have installed Yggdrasil, take a look at:

🚨 Please remember to check for Yggdrasil updates regularly. 🚨 Yggdrasil does not have a built-in method of notifying you when new versions are available. You may want to subscribe to the GitHub Releases Atom feed or consider watching the GitHub repository (a β€œCustom” watch can be used to subscribe to release notifications only). Release notifications are also sent in our Matrix room.


Yggdrasil is well supported on Linux. There are a number of distribution packages and additional installation instructions available:


Yggdrasil is well supported on macOS. The preferred installation method is the .pkg installer:


Yggdrasil works on Windows and an MSI installer is available, but the installer is supported on a best-effort basis only and is not well tested.


Yggdrasil is supported on iOS with the following applications:


Yggdrasil is supported on Android with the following applications:


Yggdrasil is well supported on FreeBSD and an official net/yggdrasil port is available.

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

Yggdrasil is well supported on EdgeOS 2.x and packages are available.