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Installing on OpenWrt

yggdrasil v0.4+ packages are available in OpenWRT since 17.01!

To configure Yggdrasil with the LuCI web interface, install the package luci-app-yggdrasil.


Use the LuCI web interface to configure Yggdrasil, see the “Network” section.

Alternatively, you can configure Yggdrasil with just a command line.

To show currently configured options, run the following command:

uci show yggdrasil

To add a new peer:

uci add yggdrasil peer
uci set yggdrasil.@peer[-1].uri='tcp://'
uci commit
/etc/init.d/yggdrasil restart

OpenWrt Yggdrasil on Matrix

Please stop by #yggdrasil-openwrt:matrix.org to join the community development channel.

NodeInfo enabled by default

The Yggdrasil daemon will provide some basic NodeInfo information to the mesh by default.
This can be disabled by configuring the section in /etc/config/yggdrasil or LuCI admin.

This means the following example can be queried by others in the network:

"NodeInfo": {
  "kernel": "4.14.123",
  "hostname": "OpenWrt",
  "model": "Globalscale Marvell ESPRESSOBin Board",
  "board_name": "globalscale,espressobin"