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Installing manually on Windows

Yggdrasil is supported on Windows. You can either download the latest binary from CircleCI.

TAP Driver

Yggdrasil depends on the OpenVPN TAP driver to work on Windows. There are two flavours of this driver:

Yggdrasil works with either driver, although the performance is remarkably better with the older NDIS 5 driver, therefore it is recommended to use that instead of the NDIS 6 driver.

Please note that if you already have OpenVPN for Windows, you likely have one of the two drivers installed already and should not install it again.


Start by downloading the latest Yggdrasil binary and use Windows Explorer to copy it into a sensible location and rename it to yggdrasil.exe.

The below examples assume that you placed yggdrasil.exe into C:\Program Files\Yggdrasil.

Generate configuration

Before starting Yggdrasil, you should generate configuration. Open a Command Prompt as Administrator:

"C:\Program Files\Yggdrasil\yggdrasil.exe" -genconf > "C:\Program Files\Yggdrasil\yggdrasil.conf"

Run Yggdrasil

Run once

Open a Command Prompt as Administrator and start Yggdrasil using your generated configuration:

"C:\Program Files\Yggdrasil\yggdrasil.exe" -useconffile "C:\Program Files\Yggdrasil\yggdrasil.conf"

Alternatively, start Yggdrasil in auto-configuration mode:

"C:\Program Files\Yggdrasil\yggdrasil.exe" -autoconf

Run as a background service

Running as a background system service means that Yggdrasil will automatically start up in the background when Windows boots.

Assuming that Yggdrasil is installed into C:\Program Files\Yggdrasil and your configuration already exists in C:\Program Files\Yggdrasil\yggdrasil.conf, as above, then you can install Yggdrasil as a Windows service. Open a Command Prompt as Administrator:

sc create yggdrasil binpath= "\"C:\Program Files\Yggdrasil\yggdrasil.exe\" -useconffile \"C:\Program Files\Yggdrasil\yggdrasil.conf\""
sc config yggdrasil displayname= "Yggdrasil Service"
sc config yggdrasil start= "auto"
sc start yggdrasil

Alternatively, if you want the service to autoconfigure instead of using an yggdrasil.conf, replace the sc create line from above with:

sc create yggdrasil binpath= "\"C:\Program Files\Yggdrasil\yggdrasil.exe\" -autoconf"

The Yggdrasil service can then be stopped and started using services.msc, or in more recent versions of Windows, the Task Manager.